And The Journey Begins

Well hello there, let me introduce myself.  I’m Amanda, a Pacific Northwest bred 20-something who loves traveling, all things lovely and the thrill of scoring a sweet deal.

I’ve been following money saving blogs since I returned from a Round the World mission trip last summer, broke and jobless.  I mean, when you need shampoo and you have next to no money to purchase said shampoo you need to find a creative way to obtain the shampoo.  Well, that or grow dread locks, but since dreadlocks aren’t really my style I turned to the experts for advice and I ended up saving  a lot of money.

But, as I sifted through the dozens of “frugal” blogs out there on the world wide web I found myself searching for a blogger more like me, and there aren’t many of them out there.  I mean, as a single young woman I don’t have a backyard to grow my own tomatoes in, I don’t have any children that make me run to the after christmas toy clearance at Target, and I am most definitely NOT an extreme couponer.  I’m just a young women who wants to fill my life with lovely things and not pay an arm and a leg to do so.

So what will you find on my blog? Well, actually let’s start with what you won’t find.

You WON’T find deals of the week at local retailers.  There are to many bloggers out there who do this already, and honestly I just don’t feel like doing all that work.

You WON’T find links to online coupons.  I don’t use them, enough said.

But you WILL find excellent scores from my shopping trips as well as tips on how to score the same sweet deals yourself, no matter where you live.

And you WILL find awesome DIY’s and up-cycles.  One of my favorite stores on this planet is Anthropologie, yet I can afford to buy just about nothing from them.  This is where DIYing comes in.

So to all you twenty-something lovely frugal ladies out there who want to learn how to give their life just a little more sparkle and only have to spend a little money to do it, I hope you find a home and inspiration on Lovely & Frugal.


Amanda Dorough


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