DIY Recipe Book Stand

The other day, as I was perusing the aisles of my local Dollar Tree I came along this photo stand.

Photo Stand

As I stared down at it’s lovely golden finish I immediatly knew what I wanted to make out of it, a cookbook stand!  Pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.  Actually it’s all Pinterest’s fault.  Every now and again I come across a lovely cookbook stand on on Pinterest.  Oh how pretty and useful they are!  But unfortunately not in my price range right now.  So instead I pin the pictures among my thousands of other pins to hopefully be used later.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found the photo stand at the dollar tree, now the problem was I just needed to come up with a background design.

My original thought was to use a small 5×10 canvas I had picked up at the Dollar Tree a while back, but then a day after I bought the stand the monthly challenge was posted over at the Dollar Store Crafts website.  This months challenge is to make some sort of craft using items purchased at the dollar store in 30 minutes or less.  Done!  I can so do that!  So I headed back to the dollar store to find something I could use instead of the canvas (which I still attempted… and it took 2 hours for the spray paint to dry on it, yikes!).  As I perused the aisles nothing was quite right.  I thought of using a cutting board, but… no, and then there was then iPad case, but… still no, so finally I decided to just use a piece of foam-core board, which was sturdy and I could cut into whatever shape I wanted.  Score!

I got home and wanted to set to work immediately but Washington has been quite rainy lately, which isn’t a huge deal when it comes to this project, but it is a huge deal when it comes to photography.  Three days later it was still raining so I said screw it and went for it anyway, and while not everything went as planned I think it turned out quite well.

So here are my step by step instructions to making your own DIY Recipe Book Stand.

Recipe Book Stand

Recipe Book Stand
Large Photo Stand ($1 The Dollar Tree)
Foam Core Board ($1 The Dollar Tree)
Spray Paint any color (on hand)
Sharpie (on hand)
Exacto Knife (on hand)
Cutting Matt (on hand)
Hot Glue Gun (on hand)
Pencil (on hand)

1.  You can freehand the shape you want to cut out for the backing but I chose to use that same 5×10 canvas I decided not to use as my backboard and I trace d it onto the foam core board, giving me an easy shape.

Recipe Book Stand

2.  Next I freehanded the shapes I wanted at the top of my board. (Note: The more intricate the design, the harder it is to cut.  If I could do it over again I would have changed the center of the design completely.  Lesson learned.)

Recipe Book Stand

3.  Cut out the design using an Exacto Knife.  I also found that using a ruler on the sides to keep my line straight helped immensely.

4.  Next I took it out to the garage to spray paint (only the front and sides).  I chose a quick dry spray paint so that it would finish drying in about 10 minutes. At first I was a little nervous because the paper attached to the foam began the pucker, but once it dried it had laid down flat again.

Recipe Book Stand

5.  While the paint was drying I worked on some ideas for the design I wanted to do on it, with only 30 minutes I was trying to make the most of my time!

6.  After 10 minutes I brought the board back inside and freehanded some of the main basic shapes in pencil, then I went over them in black sharpie and added the smaller embellishments to go along with the symmetry of the design.  I love working with sharpie because it’s so much faster and smoother than paint.

Recipe Book Stand

7.  Finally I grabbed my hot glue gun, put some glue on the front of the vertical legs and attached the board the the stand (it holds surprisingly well!).

Recipe Book Stand

The final test was to try a cookbook on it…

Recipe Book Stand

Viola!  It worked!  And trust me, this sucker isn’t coming apart any time soon!

The cookbooks I use are all binder style so they layout well.  If you use cookbooks that have to be held open you could make some other modifications to the front to hold them open, get creative!

Recipe Book Stand


Recipe Book Stand

28 minutes!

Wow, the price is lovely and the time is perfect!  In fact I loved the challenge so much I came up with a second idea for a dollar tree craft in less than 30 minutes that I’ll be sharing in the next couple days.  Can’t wait!


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