The Library= Tons of Free Fun!

I love the Library.  I do, I do I do…ooo.

I mean, where else can you go and get cool things for free?  Ya sure you have to return them eventually, but let’s be honest, there are very few books that I pick up and read a second time, and I’ve flat out stopped buying DVD’s because there are only a few that I can handle watching more than once.  Can you tell that I’m a product of the ADD generation?


Currently I am the proud owner of two Library cards.  That’s right, two.  Right now I live within a mile of the county line, the other county being the one I grew up in and have had a library card for for more than 20 years.  But, because I live in this other county now I thought I might as well go check out their library system, and you know what?  It rocked! So I got myself a bright shiny Library card for them too.

I know, a library is a library is a library.  But you have to understand, this library dispenses it’s DVD’s through a Redbox-esq machine.  It’s awesome, and unlike red box, it’s free.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a freaking movie vending machine, why the big deal, but it is and I’ll tell you why….

I love shopping.  The thrill of the hunt, finding something amazing and getting it for a good price makes my day.  The problem is I’m poor, and poor people can’t (or shouldn’t) buy things with money they don’t have.  I know this, but still most days I find myself getting this overwhelming urge to get out of the house and shop.  Yikes!

So lately, instead of driving myself to Target, or even Goodwill, I’ve been driving myself to the Library, and you know what?  It works.  Somehow I’m able to get my shopping fix by simply checking out a book.

But filling my need for consumerism is only the first page when it comes to the story of my love for the Library.  Let me tell you why I truly love the Library so much…

FIRST  I love to read.  Every night before I go to bed I read at least a couple chapters, but reading can be a costly hobby.  Newly released hardback books cost upwards of $20.  You buy enough books and you can develop a real pricey collection.  Since the books at the library are always FREE I can assure that my paychecks go to things that I really need.  I can also guarantee that if I end up not liking a book I won’t be out $20.

SECOND  I love my Kindle!  While I’m still partial to paper books, with the nomadic lifestyle I’ve lived over the past few years an e-reader has come in handy.  But just like paper books, ebooks can be really pricey and I haven’t found a free or $1 book I’ve liked yet.  Luckily my library offers ebooks to check out through it’s system, an offer I was able to take advantage of even overseas.  How awesome is that?!

THIRD  I’ve got a thing for watching movies while I craft.  Because I often do this in my bedroom, where I don’t have a TV, I’ll play the movies (or Hulu) on my computer.  During a good crafty week I can power through 10 movies.  If I were getting all of those from Redbox I could have bought a share in the company by now.  The library let’s me watch as many movies as I want at no cost to me.  Movies from every genre, old movies and new movies.  Because movie vending machines have made video stores virtually obsolete the best selection of movies I can find is at the library, giving me the ability to watch Pretty Woman, Casablanca, Iron Man and a documentary about Mt. Everest all in the same week.  I feel much more educated.


FOURTH  Because sometimes the small taste of an album iTunes gives us just isn’t enough.  I’ve been able to expand my taste in music significantly simply by finding new artists and CD’s at the Library.  For example this week I checked out “Lungs” by Florence and the Machine.  I knew I loved “The Dog Days are Over,” but listening to the whole CD I learned there wasn’t a single song I didn’t like.  So, while if I want the CD for myself I’ll have to buy it, I could technically check the CD out over and over again until I’m sick of it.  I’d get to listen to music I like and not spend a dime.  Score!

Have I convinced you to use the library yet? If you don’t have a library card yet I encourage you to get one soon, because you never know what gems you’ll find there!


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