New Series: Young and Frugal Travel

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Ooo, travel.  Just saying the word gets me all giddy.  If you know me you know that I absolutely love, love, LOVE to travel, and that passionate love has taken me all over the world.

The problem is traveling isn’t cheap… or is it?

A few years ago I applied for the now discontinued STA World Traveler Internship (and I made the top 50!).  The biggest part of the application process was putting together a 3 minute video describing why you were the best person for the job.  That video was then posted on a profile page where people could vote and comment.  Every morning, because I was so overcome with excitement at the prospect of receiving a free trip around the world I would wake up, check my votes and read the comments.  One morning I came across a comment from a woman who obviously didn’t agree with me.  Her comment went something along the lines of ” “Traveling isn’t so hard after all?”  Wake up sweetie some of us have debt and kids we can’t just pick up and travel.”  I was steamed.  Really?  So you’re assuming I’m some spoiled “kid” traveling the world because of my endless supply of money.  If only she could have seen the mountains of debt I had hiding back home in America.

Young & Frugal Travel

The fact is I’m able to travel because it’s something I love, so I make it a priority. But at the same time I don’t ever empty my bank account to do it.  If you know where to look and where to go traveling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, expensive burden.  It will take a little digging, and a lot of work but I want to show everyone that they can travel, even the frugal and debt ridden.

First stop?  Thailand of course!  Stay tuned for my post on why Thailand is a great option for frugal travelers.

Did I say I love to travel?  Because I do.


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