DIY Upcycled Flip Flops + Bracelet

*I apologize for the blurry photos.  That’s what I get for not checking my camera until I uploaded all the pics at the end!*

This last week I was going through my closet when I stumbled upon some flip flops that I hadn’t worn in a while.  I had bought them on clearance at Target last fall to take down to Bolivia with me.  They were cute (and comfy!) little sandals covered in handmade Ugandan beads.  However, slowly but surly the beads were disappearing off of my left sandal.  Apparently I need to practice my walk, Tyra Banks would not be proud.  So I didn’t wear them, which is a shame.

In an effort to save them from the garbage can I began brain storming ideas to make them wearable again.  The first step, was removing the “problem” aka the beads.

DIY upcyled sandals

When the beads were off I noticed that the original paint had yellowed and stained.  They looked dirty so I needed to spruce them up a little bit.  I wasn’t sure how my paint job would turn out, but, why not risk it?

DIY upcyled sandals

And it made a huge difference.

DIY upcyled sandals

But I also got nervous that it looked painted, in a bad way.  So I tried to think of a way I could add to it to make it look a little more… finished.  So I grabbed my safety net, embroidery floss.  It was a little bit hard to get through the straps at first, but when I figured out it would be easiest to follow the original stitching it was a piece of cake.

DIY upcyled sandals

I have to admit though my fingers were a little sore when I finished, so my plan to do three lines of embroidery was scrapped, at least for now.

But despite the fact my vision wasn’t realized, I still like the new look.

DIY upcyled sandals

The coolest thing is, when I’m done with this look I can pull out the thread and start over.  It’s like endless possibilities in one!

And a bonus?  I was able to take the beads that I took off the sandals and make a sweet bracelet.  Awesome!

DIY upcyled sandals

Since all of the materials I used were already on hand, this upcycle was totally FREE.  Woot Woot!

Now on to the next Lovely and Frugal project!


One thought on “DIY Upcycled Flip Flops + Bracelet

  1. What is the brand of these sandals, I bought a black pair and lost one, and can’t even read the label on them because I wore them so much! I really want to try to order another pair online. If you could tell me the brand name, I would SO GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

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