Lake Day + Free Entrance Day at National Parks

In the summer when it’s hot out I love to swim, and here in Western Washington we have no shortage of lakes.  There are several free swimming areas but those are usually overrun with children or covered in goose poop, or worse, both.  The best swimming areas, including some of my favorites all cost to get in.  The one closest to my house is $7 for a carload (it’s a city park) and my other favorite, Deep Lake is $5 (A King County park), so pretty steep if you just want to spend the afternoon at the lake by yourself.

As much as I love swimming, this poor/frugal girl just can’t afford that!

Yesterday as the temperature climbed up into the 80’s I felt that familiar desire to cool of in a big icy lake.  When my parents told me they were going to go out to Deep Lake but leave for it before I got home from church I actually cried.  No fair, and poor me thoughts were running through my mind.

But alas there was still hope.  My mom called me a hour later to tell me there was a sign at the guard post that said “Free Day.”  No way! I thought.  So I threw my towel, a sandwich and some magazines into a backpack, jumped into my card and headed out.

Deep Lake

I was indeed a free day.  The only reason I could come up with to why there would be a free day was maybe because it’s Seafair (which is a big deal in Seattle if you’re not from around here)? No idea.  I actually checked the website when I got home but there was no mention of a free day.  Just a lucky break.

Deep Lake

So I enjoyed it.  I got to cool off in the lake then relax and read some free magazines.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  And the only thing I had to pay for is gas!  Woot!  Woot!

Happy Bday National Parks

Speaking of free entrance into parks, August 25 is the National Park Services Birthday, which means entrance fees will be waived at National Parks across the country.  Definitely take advantage of this.  These free days only come a couple times during the year, and this is also the only one that occurs during the summer months.  It falls on a weekend (Sunday I believe) so no excuses!

You can find more dates and participating parks by following this link.

Free National Park Day


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