Would ya, Could ya, like me?

I swear, I’m totally normal… well sometimes 😉

Blogging for me has been an interesting journey.  Between personal and travel blogs I now have more than 6 years of experience blogging.  My mom reads my personal blog (thanks Mom!), I know I can count on the fam for that.  But this Lovely & Frugal journey is a little different for me.

For years I’ve poured over all sorts of blogs, marveling at their content and being amazed by how people could write about what they love… for their job!  How incredible.

But, I was fooled.  As I pressed onward I found that blogging is HARD WORK.  It really is.  And those who finally “make it” will have poured hours and hours into their passion before seeing a single dime or even a sponsorship offer.  Each one of those bloggers will have started out with lowly numbers just like I have now.  But it still stinks.

And that’s why I need your help.  I want to write about what I love for as long as I have fingers that can type, but I’ll admit, low numbers can get a bit discouraging (and by that I mean views, facebook likes etc.).  Sometimes I feel like no matter what I write, or how much work I put into a post only a couple people will see it.

So could you do me a little favor? Could you like me?  Pretty please?

Thanks a million!

Lovely and Frugal Facebook

Lovely & Frugal Pinterest

Lovely & Frugal Bloglovin

And of course you could always find these links plus more on the right and left side of my blogs.

Thanks y’all for sticking with me.  I look forward to making L&F a great resource!



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