For all the months I felt like my life was the same boring parade at the beginning of the year, my life has been anything but boring these last couple weeks, in both good and bad ways.

Ah, but when life gives you lemons make lemonade, and my one sweet spot is the new job I’m starting on Monday.  This job with World Vision looks like it will be everything this last job wasn’t.  My job was disappointing and could get pretty discouraging at times so I’m looking forward to this welcome change.

Now, onward to fun things and great ideas!

Last friday I had the opportunity to meet up with a childhood friend for dinner and a jaunt around our local Goodwill Outlet.  Unfortunately we arrived there about 10 minutes before closing, so we didn’t get to do much digging, but I was so excited by my Friday finds that I decided to go back again on Saturday and scored even more.

For those of you who’ve never been to a Goodwill Outlet, it’s an interesting experience.  Everything that doesn’t sell at the Goodwills in the region in an allotted amount of time gets sent to Goodwill Outlet.  Unlike normal Goodwills, everything at the Outlet is just piled into bins that you then have to sort through (with an exception of items like glass, electronics and furniture).  Then, for most of these items you pay by the pound.  If you had the energy to sort through 25 bins of clothes you could potentially score a couple dozen items for less than $10.  It’s awesome!  And don’t get me even started on the furniture.  Some of the pieces are far gone, but most are still in great condition and you can score pieces like sofas and recliners for as low as 99 cents.  No that isn’t a typo.  I love that place!

Goodwill Outlet Scores

Goodwill Outlet Scores

You never know what you’re going to find in the bins, and this time I had some pretty great scores.  I spy a lot of future DIY projects.  Here’s a peek!

Goodwill Outlet Scores

Photo 1 Cost: $3.27

Honestly the item I was most excited about in this picture was the tool belt.  Who would have thought?  Seriously though, every June I go on a mission trip to Mexico with my church where we build houses for families in need just over the border in Tijuana.  I’ve always used my Dad’s tool-belt, but he get’s a little more anal about it every year, so I resolved to buy my own for our 2014 trip.  Most leather tool belts cost around $30+ dollars, I got this one for about $1.50.  Score!  There are a few stains on it, but I don’t really need a pretty looking tool-belt, you know?

As for the rest here are the plans.  Paint the wooden candle stick, paint the frame around the cross stitched strawberry picture, and the Bathroom Reader goes, well, in the bathroom.

Then the basket is pretty cool.  It’s got a sort of sixties-modern feel.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to paint it or not (right now I’m leaning towards no), but the plan is to use it as a fruit basket when I move out in a few months.

Goodwill Outlet Scores

Photo 2 Cost:  $2.00

When I made a mental list of things to search for, at the top of the list were baby boy clothes for a friend of mine, and while I didn’t walk out with armfuls of onsies, I did find a nice stack.

Everything else just fell into place, or into my cart, however you want to put it.

I can’t ever turn away a good scarf, especially an ombre one.  Then there’s some snap ware, and the picture frames were the managers special at 25 cents each.  Score!  I have some ideas for a couple of them, which will probably be shared here, lets be honest 😉

Goodwill Outlet Scores

Photo 3 Cost: $2.99

This awesome vintage Samsonite suitcase was my best score of the day.  I love the ice blue color and silver flecks of glitter.  When it was first weighed it came up as $11.99.  I told the cashier that at that price, which was more than the original Goodwill price, I would just leave it.  She then asked what would I pay “$6.99?”  To which I replied no.  Again she said “How much would you pay?”  I said a couple bucks.  She came back with “$2.99 Ok?” Yes, yes $2.99 is A-Ok with me.  The pretty suitcase was all mine and my first American haggling experience was under my belt.

Goodwill Outlet Scores

Photo 4 Cost: 25 cents

This was another part of the managers special for 25 cents.  It’s not an original, just a print with matting brushed over, but after seeing this picture on Pinterest ages ago I’ve wanted to try, I just couldn’t find a painting.  So I got really excited when I found this one.  Not quite sure how it will work out since there’s so much white on the picture, but I’m going to give it a go!

Shoot dang, it’s a good thing the Goodwill Outlet is so cheap because a could spend a lot of money at that place!




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